Linx 10

The Linx 10 is an easy to set up and simple to use Continuous Ink Jet printer designed for printing best before dates and batch codes onto slow and medium speed production lines. It prints up to 3 lines of text, symbols and numbers with a print quality superior to other entry-level coders.

Improve productivity and keep in control of your printer with Linx PrinterNet, remote connectivity enabling you to monitor and control your printer anywhere, anytime.


 · Remote connectivity to access, monitor and control Linx 10 printers and receive remote technical support with Linx Printer Net, a secure, cloud-based service

·  Quick and easy to set up

·  The lightest, most compact CIJ printer in its class

·  Colour touch screen makes code setup and selection easy

· Low running costs

· Low maintenance, self-service

· Robust, stainless-steel enclosure

· Integrated line speed sensor for accurate coding

· Can be mounted directly onto production lines

· Clean, refills using sealed cartridges

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Linx 10
Linx 10
Linx 10
Linx 10
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