Linx  8920

The Linx 8920 inkjet encoding devices have all the benefits Linx 8900/10 provides, and add significant ease of use, reliability and efficiency at all costs. helping you to maximize your production with cost and time-critical savings. 

It provides flexibility by coding up to 5 lines depending on the production band speeds, but requires less intervention for maintenance than other printers. With its simple and colorful touch interface, unique on-screen system monitoring and long service intervals, the Linx 8920 is designed to facilitate your coding process. 
Coding at high line speeds as standard: speed up to m / s in single line coding 7.28


• Flexible encoder with 5-line text, logo, barcode and 2D Data Matrix printing capability 

• Fast, simple message creation with a large, colorful touchscreen 

• USB message sharing and storage up to 1000 messages as standard 

• Simple self service with maintenance intervals of up to 18,000 hours maintenance 

• Print speeds up to 6.25 m / s as standard 

• One-touch fluid cartridge replacement 

• Stainless steel housing with IP55 protection for damp-proof durability 

• Real-time output measurement and stop recording to help maximize line efficiency 

• 50 different line settings Ability to save 

• as standard m / Ş print speed of up to 7.28

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Linx  8920
Linx  8920
Linx  8920
Linx  8920
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